Higgstec T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel
Higgstec T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel
Higgstec T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel
Higgstec T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel

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T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel



Higgstec T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touch Screen Panel


T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH Touchscreen
T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH touch assemble
T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH touch front
T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH touch interface
T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH touch cover

Sunlight Readable Resistive Touch Solution

A modification of our 5-wire resistive technology suitable to be used in full outdoor applications,where bright sunlight can potentially make the screen unreadable. Higgstec's Sunlight Readable solution dramatically reduces reflectance and increases contrast ratio, while also preventing birefringence when the screen is viewed through polarizer sunglasses,making it a popular choice for military, automotive and other outdoor use applications.

A polarizer and two layers of 1/4 wavelength retardation film are added to the stack up of our 5-wire resistive touch panel.In addition,the ITO coated film is made from non-PET isotropic material.When an incoming light ray passes through the touch panel it is transformed from unpolarized light into circular-polarized light. Then as it is reflected, it is transformed again from circular-polarized light into linear-po- larized light. The light ray is unable to pass back through the front polarizer, and internal reflection is eliminated.





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